Communicare Treatment Facilities

Residential Treatment Facilities

Communicare offers co-ed, residential substance use disorder treatment to both adults and adolescents. Both facilities specialize in the treatment of co-occurring disorders, with a clear understanding of the disease model of addiction. Communicare treats addiction by providing holistic, evidence-based treatment models, along with a person-centered approach, tailoring treatment for the individuals’ current needs. The use of yoga, meditation, nature, art, and music are commonly used to help individuals heal and introduce new ways to accept life’s challenges.

Haven House

Haven House is Communicare’s facility dedicated to supporting adults in their journey towards healing and recovery. Located in Oxford, Mississippi, our 48-bed program has been a source of hope since its establishment on July 1, 1978. Our program serves people from across Mississippi and beyond, providing comprehensive treatment and support.

Sunflower Landing

Sunflower Landing

Sunflower Landing focuses on empowering adolescents for a brighter future. With 32 beds, it extends its support beyond local boundaries, ensuring that adolescents receive the care they need. In addition to substance abuse treatment, Sunflower Landing works to ensure that individuals maintain their schoolwork with dedicated staff that focus on education.

Crisis Stabilization Unit

Communicare assumed programmatic responsibility of the Batesville Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) July 1, 2022. The CSU is an adult only, acute care, residential mental health crisis facility staffed 24/7 with mental health techs and nurses. The primary focus of the CSU is to help individuals return to a level of functioning that allows them to work and live freely within the community while minimizing their mental health symptoms.The CSU also serves as a diversion facility to keep individuals from spending time in local jails and state hospitals when involuntarily committed to mental health treatment. While at the CSU, individuals will be regularly seen by a psychiatrist, therapist, peer support specialist, case manager, and registered nurse. As part of Communicare’s commitment to whole-person care, basic primary health care is provided at the CSU. Following their discharge from the CSU, individuals are arranged to continue their outpatient treatment at the office of their preference, ensuring their stability within the community.