Children's Mental Services

Children’s Services

Our school-based counseling service offers a safe space within the educational setting, fostering students’ emotional healing, personal growth, and academic success through confidential and supportive guidance.

This service offers a structured and supportive program within a school or community setting, designed to address emotional and behavioral challenges.

MAP Team, comprised of local community agency members, focuses on at-risk children and youth (ages 0 to 21) with serious emotional/behavioral disorders or mental illnesses, ensuring they receive essential services and support to prevent inappropriate placements.

At Sunflower Landing, our residential treatment facility for adolescents, we empower adolescents beyond local boundaries, offering comprehensive support, including substance abuse treatment and educational focus, to ensure a brighter future.

Our medication management involves the careful and systematic oversight of an individual’s prescribed medications to ensure they are taken as directed, minimizing potential risks and maximizing therapeutic benefits.

Peer support services for children create a supportive and inclusive environment where young individuals facing similar challenges can connect, share experiences, and offer mutual encouragement.

Community support services offer vital assistance and resources to children and their families, helping them thrive within their local communities.

Targeted case management for children involves individualized and family-centered support to navigate complex systems, ensuring that children receive the right services and resources to meet their unique needs and developmental goals.

We provide 24/7 community-based crisis response, delivering solution-focused assessments and swift stabilization for individuals facing mental health, substance abuse, or IDD crises.

Our primary medical and lab services provide comprehensive healthcare and diagnostic testing specifically tailored to the unique needs of pediatric clients.

Parenting classes for children offer valuable guidance and support to parents, equipping them with essential skills and strategies to foster healthy child development, effective communication, and positive relationships within the family.