If you are experiencing a crisis, please call: 1-662-234-7521 or 1-866-837-7521

Children's Services
Communicare provides mental health services, including screening, assessment, counseling, and/or crisis intervention to children and youth with emotional and behavioral problems, along with their families. 

Like adults, children and teens can sometimes experience intense emotions as they get older or go through stressful or traumatic events in their lives. For example, it is common for children to feel anxious about school or friendships, or for teens to have short periods of depression after a death in the family. 

Mental disorders are different. They can cause ongoing, severe symptoms that affect how a child feels, thinks, acts, and handles daily activities, such as going to school, sleeping, or eating. It is important to know the signs and seek help if needed. 

With services throughout Lafayette, Panola, Tate, Yalobusha, Marshall, and Calhoun counties, our staff can quickly intervene so children receive the help they need to maintain their highest possible level of wellness, life satisfaction, and independence. 

Programs for Children and Adolescents
For more information contact: 

Kat Strangeman, LCSW 
Clinical Director of Children’s Services 


Nikki Weaver, LSW 
Children’s Services Intake Coordinator